Emergency Toolkit
Hospitality Recovery Planning

The Emergency Toolkit features the best tips, practices and partners to support hotels and hospitality clients.
It focuses on quick solutions to keep hotels open, keep team members on and generate cash – fast. You’ll also learn key insights for hospitality recovery planning.
Check the list of curated partners to move fast and provide practical solutions that can immediately:
Manage efficiencies
Redeploy team members
Identify new income sources
Prepare for recovery

How it works

  1. Sign up

    We have a marketplace of partners tailored to every problem. Enter your email address and we’ll send you a list of our top hotel partner recommendations.

  2. Browse the marketplace

    We understand that needs will differ from hotel to hotel so finding a solution that’s right for your business matters the most

  3. Arrange a free consultation

    The partners we have understand that in tough times it’s difficult to justify budget spends when the bottom line isn’t delivering how it should. That’s why free consultations come in to play now to understand your business and how they can help in the short term.