The Growth Works Hospitality Mentorship Programme

The Growth Works is launching a pro-bono mentorship service – an opportunity for experienced hoteliers who have navigated downturns over the years to support hoteliers experiencing a sustained fall in demand for the first time in their careers. 


During the coronavirus (COVID–19) outbreak, we’ve been impressed by the creativity and solidarity shown by hoteliers in their efforts to deal with the downturn and share knowledge to support the wider industry.


Across our networks, we’ve seen tons of talented hospitality professionals offering their advice and expertise – but we haven’t seen a lot of people opening up and asking for guidance.


Our mentorship programme aims to match relevant hospitality experts with those in need of support. It’s comprised of:


Mentors – experienced hoteliers (many of whom are now working as hospitality consultants) who have managed a sustained fall in demand at some point in their careers due to: geopolitical concerns, financial crises, terrorist incidents, extreme weather events, epidemics, etc.




Mentees – early-career hoteliers, revenue managers, marketers, etc. Those currently working through a major downturn for the first time.


The programme will take the form of regular video conferences, intimate sessions of one mentor and up to five hoteliers.


Click here for more information and how to join.


Why become a mentor?


Whether you realise it or not, if you worked through a major downturn at some point in your career, we can guarantee that you’ll have valuable advice to share with those experiencing this type of thing for the first time.


Becoming a mentor will give you the chance to share your knowledge with a group of hungry hoteliers, entrepreneurs, and consultants. By contributing to the rebirth of the hospitality industry, you’ll gain a network of hospitality professionals who will come to know and trust your expertise.


The programme will give you a channel to promote your expert knowledge, which will come in especially handy during the recovery phase when things start to clear up.


But perhaps more importantly, becoming a mentor will give you the opportunity to be useful, give back to the industry and become part of a strong community during this time of social isolation.


Why become a mentee?


Experiencing a complicated crisis for the first time can be confusing. You will no doubt be faced with some very difficult decisions that could easily leave you feeling anxious and overwhelmed.


By becoming a mentee and joining the Hospitality Experts Network, you’ll get advice from leaders in the industry who have navigated past crises. Interacting and contributing to discussions with hotel professionals from around the world will help put you in a position to develop your own plan to manage the crisis.


As much as anything else, the programme is designed to empower early-career hoteliers to make the right decisions to take their teams through the downturn.


You’ll get expert advice on topics such as:


  • Rapidly adjusting strategies for marketing, revenue management, operations & more.
  • Repurposing team members & supporting their remote working.
  • Managing the expectations of leaders, owners & investors.
  • Planning for the recovery.


We’re stronger together


If you’re interested in lending your expertise / eager to learn from those with valuable experience, become part of The Growth Works Hospitality Experts Network and start participating in regular mentorship and accountability video conferences.


We’ll evaluate your skillsets / current challenges to create relevant mentorship groups of one mentor and up to five mentees. There are no obligations and you can work on as much or as little as you want.


This is about creating a safe environment for hoteliers to share experiences and give actionable advice to one another. By pooling together the diverse knowledge and industry learnings of leading hospitality professionals from around the world, we can help each other successfully navigate the downturn and plan for recovery.


Register your interest now to join The Growth Works Hospitality Experts Network.


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  • Kelly Gardner
    04/04/2020 8:49 am

    Open to offering help to hoteliers, open to connect to creative thinkers and to learn from experts. I’ve been in the hospitality industry my whole life and the hotel industry for about 11 years, guiding boutique hotels to optimise and shine, but like many of us, never experienced anything like this. I’ve been coming up with ideas of how to help, add value and think ahead to how to prepare for a new way of travel. Glad to connect.

  • Bharati Kejriwal
    07/05/2020 6:30 pm

    Having been a hospitality student, instructor, employee and employer I would love to mentor young hospitality professionals. I am working on my accreditation for coaching from Association for Coaching, UK. I’m employed by Marriott International as a multi-property Director of Human Resources.

  • Like!! Thank you for publishing this awesome article.


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