An Open Global Community for Hospitality – How The Growth Works Network can Support You  

People – our guests and our teams – are at the heart of the hospitality and travel industry. The current crisis is being defined by uncertainty for businesses and individuals. Whether working, furloughed, or looking for work, leaders are telling us that successful individuals over the next few years will require a different set of skills, whatever your function or area of expertise. It will also require support and new ideas. 


The Growth Works Network is a community of industry professionals coming together – costing nothing but a little time – in an online platform to help everyone in the hospitality sector navigate challenges and downturns they may be facing for the first time in their careers. We call it mentoring, but it’s really about connecting passionate and experienced hospitality leaders who have guided organisations through previous challenges, with new and emerging leaders, seeking to promote collaboration to build a stronger, more resilient hospitality sector. Core to the programme is small group and one on one online mentoring, supported by specialist forums hosted by industry experts and whole community discussion sessions. 


As the coronavirus pandemic has rocked the industry, we have spoken to talented hospitality professionals that have taken the opportunity to offer their expertise and guidance and helped to craft our unique programme. The creativity, drive and support for one another has been a cornerstone of this industry at this trying time in the hospitality and tourism sector.  


The Growth Works Network facilitates this collaboration with a platform matching relevant hospitality experts with those early in their career that are looking for guidance and support.  

Who is this Programme For? 

The Growth Works Network is comprised of ‘mentors’ and ‘mentees’, with some individuals performing both roles! More experienced industry professionals are the ‘mentors’, offering their support and advice to those earlier in their careers or starting out in the industry, the ‘mentees’. These experts work with passionate people experiencing a downturn for the first time in their careers and are seeking guidance for how to best approach, develop skills, and perform through the current crisis and recovery. The programme links up to five mentees with an experienced mentor through video conferences, usually once per month, and sessions to help facilitate knowledge sharing, helping a stronger hospitality sector emerge from the current crisis.  


Industry Experts:

These are experienced hoteliers who hold, or have recently held, leadership roles in the hospitality sector. They have plenty of ‘field experience’ to share and during their career have skilfully managed previous crises as a result of external factors such as pandemics, extreme weather events, terrorism or financial crises. We have a light screening process and offer mentor training, to maintain quality and consistency of experience. 


Emerging Leaders:

Our mentees are passionate hoteliers or students early in their career. Mentees can be working in or passionate about any area of the hotel sector and are navigating a major economic downturn and demand reduction for the first time in their career. Anyone can be a mentee, as long as they have passion for a career in hospitality – whether student, working, furloughed or seeking work. 

Why Get Involved?  

The Growth Works Network was established to support the industry at its most challenging time, providing advantages to everyone involved in the programme. The programme helps to strengthen bonds in the industry and create a network or professionals sharing knowledge and resources.  


Our industry experts have valuable advice – around work topics, career development or more emotional support – they can share with those who are first experiencing a major downturn. Through embarking on this programme, mentors can not only share this knowledge and experience with passionate hoteliers and entrepreneurs but can also hear fresh ideas from enthusiastic new leaders. This programme provides a platform for those experienced in the sector to help strengthen and reshape the hospitality industry of tomorrow.  


For both mentors and mentees, the community provides a safe space for you to grow your network, build your personal brand, promote your organisation among peers and contribute to the recovery phase and sustainable rebuilding of this dynamic sector.  


For those still early in their career, the advantages of participating in this programme are vast. You have the opportunity to learn from experienced members of the industry on the best ways to navigate this new and sometimes overwhelming time in the hospitality sector.  


Through gaining advice and guidance from talented, experienced industry professionals, you can grow your network and formulate plans for working through the crisis the hospitality industry is currently facing and plan for future career moves.  


Through getting advice on a range of topics specific to the hospitality sector and the current economic climate, our mentees are empowered to make well thought out decisions to help forge a new path for themselves, their organisations and the wider hospitality industry.  

Together we can Build a New Tomorrow  

Working together we can help to recover, reshape and rebuild the hospitality and tourism sector.  


Through regular feedback, we ensure that our programme is of the highest quality, providing advantages to all the members of our community.  


The Growth Works Network helps facilitate the whole process, evaluating the skills and expertise of industry experts to ensure they match the most relevant and passionate members that are still early in their career. 


This is a no obligation programme, with no financial cost to individuals – commitment is usually one hour per month for six months – and mentors are free to provide as much guidance as they would like to their group of mentees.  


At The Growth Works, we believe that the hospitality industry is strongest when we are working together. Through our curated community we help provide an avenue to mentor and share knowledge, ideas and expertise to help create a stronger, brighter future for the whole hospitality industry.  


Are you ready to join our community? Sign up to our mentorship programme here.


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