Case Studies

Pivoting from sprint to scale

Through strategy, marketing and digital lead growth.

200% revenue growth

35% lift in audience size
150 hours of efficiencies made

The Business

  • BodyRescue is a digital fitness and wellness start-up, evolved from a real-world business delivering a range of fitness services including classes, personal training and nutrition.


  • With an impactful high-quality product, the Founder Gavin wanted to build a scalable business with a much wider global reach.
  • Services by their nature are not scalable, you are exchanging your time, or that of your team, for money.
  • Building a global business in services therefore requires building a team fast, with processes to deliver consistent high quality services, and working centrally to actively manage customers.
  • This required thoughtful change - innovating by bringing different models to market, and finding customers in a whole new way - especially online.


  • To deliver the change in strategy, Gavin brought in a COO on-tap from The Growth Works. Bringing a breadth of experience from a range of sectors, the team was able to quickly shape the new products, build test groups and develop the commercial proposition and action plan.
  • Looking at successes in similar industries of turning paid-for coaching into an online education business - Body Rescue and The Growth Works worked to develop a series of trend-relevant online courses.
  • Alongside a COO on-tap, Gavin was able to build a series of simple processes and partners to bring these programmes to market.
  • With a focus on Digital Marketing, the team unlocked the power of Facebook and content marketing to drive clicks and engagements.
  • These efforts were supported with a focused content strategy to increase authentic engagement.
  • Using data to closely monitor conversion in every market for each product, The Growth Works and the Body Rescue team were able to increase sales by 200% over the course of 6 months.

Benefit & Results

  • 200% revenue growth.
  • 35% lift in audience size customer base - by unlocking an agile approach to new tools across Facebook.
  • Grew customer base from 3,000 to 20,000+ through moving from a service to an online fitness platform model.

4 new markets added in 4 months

Double monthly qualified leads while halving cost of acquisition
Improve customer retention by 50%

The Company

  • Responding to a surge in airbnb and short lets, Rocco and Edo, Sweetguest co-founders, recognised an opportunity for professionally managed homes for domestic and international travellers.
  • The space is increasingly competitive internationally, with well funded competition.
  • As first time founders, the Sweetguest leadership team recognised that to deliver an ambitious growth plan to be Italy’s leading property management business, they’d need experienced support.


  • With focus on fundraising and strategy, they’d fallen into a few common traps - teams were siloed and placing blame on others, the pace of innovation had slowed, and customers were starting to suffer.


  • By plugging james into the business for a week, they were able to:
  • Do a full business review and were provided with a Commercial Leader on-tap.
  • Understand the dependencies between teams and highlight areas of reliance.
  • Improve customer experience with a focus on retention.


  • Fast - finished week 1 with clear action plans.
  • Resourced - very clear what teams needed to be built, and where to start.
  • Data - helped the business unlock its data - across marketing, commercial and ops - with clear metrics by team, and focus on outcomes.


  • Grew customer base - leap forward in productivity of the acquisition funnel - through being focused on performance and returns by channel, with light touch monitoring.
  • Accelerated growth levels - launched 4 new cities after The Growth Works designing an opex-light operating model.
  • Accountability - enabled functional leads to step up in terms of action planning and scaling.

12x your innovation funnel

Conversion, Optimization, Communication, Simplification, Organization

Grow revenues by 25% a year

Pivot to 12x innovation cycles a year

Launch 5 cities in 5 months


  • 8-year-old bootstrapped start-up, delivering premium authentic food tours across 8 European cities.
  • Strong social and marketing DNA - 80% of revenues from direct channels.


  • Slow to adapt to key disruptions in the industry - rise of new platforms for travel inspiration, curation and experience (get your guide, culture trip, Airbnb).
  • Internal tensions around priorities and path forward.
  • Stronger competitors emerging and outpaced growth in new cities and key customer segments.


  • Strategic review - landscape, customer, capabilities, team, distribution, tech.
  • Customer experience and differentiation deep dive - what does a great experience look like, what are customers looking for, and how is this evolving.
  • Innovation - create a monthly innovation cycle, championed by CEO with small working team, but involving input from the whole business.
  • Culture and change - led a kick off, engagement in the journey to evolve all roles to focus on key metrics around growth, customer engagement.

Benefit & Results

  • Grow revenues by 25% a year.
  • Pivot to 12x innovation cycles a year.
  • Launched 5 cities in 5 months.

Disrupting Executive Search

by obsessing about customers

500% increase in customer base

The Company

  • LMRE is a tech-enabled Recruitment solutions business, developing a leading reputation with a ruthless focus on a proptech specialism. They make life easier for customers with ‘easy to work with’ principles helping clients simplify and automate engagement and the recruitment funnel. Their strategy is to build a close relationship to HR and hiring managers, making them an easy and seamless choice when it comes to supporting team growth.


  • Established executive search players are grounded in the past - typically focus on functional roles - like finance, technology, strategy, commercial, or a very broad sector - such as consumer & retail, TMT. By trying to appeal to everyone, positioning is inevitably generic and unappealing.
  • Secondly, the sector has an image challenge - endless voicemails trying to arrange meetings, and email attachments full of CVs that take time to sift through and comment on.


  • Carve out his specialism - active social and content strategy, supported by industry events.
  • Simplify customer engagement - reduce recruiting process friction by automating and using widely available digital tools, recognising the needs and priorities of clients.

Benefit & Results

  • 500% increase in customer base - mix of inbound and outbound calls, supported by strong industry and online presence.
  • 100% retained customers and growing repeat business - by proving a simpler model works.
  • Maintained premium pricing - avoiding the highly competitive mainstream recruitment space fighting for business through discounts.
  • Solid investor and board approval - funding to expand team and launch US office.